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Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold With Top 5 Best Sub-zero Sleeping Bags

Camping trips during the cold weather are rare. At the mention of camping, you may picture a warm summer day spent observing nature and wildlife.

However, several people prefer to camp outside during winters. Campers deem nature during winters as “magical and bug-free.”

Even so, one should be prepared to face the cold weather to get the most out of this snowy excursion. Campers must use equipment that can survive the extremities of sub-zero weather.

Naturally, sleeping bags play an important role in determining your camping experience.

You can not use the same sleeping bags you take with you on a summer trip. Winter bedrolls must keep you warm and insulated from the freezing weather outside.

Buying suitable sleeping bags for your camping trips can be confusing with the variety of choices you get.

So, after looking at several models, we made a list of the five best sub-zero sleeping bags.

We tested every product on our list using standards like its fit, shape, price, comfortability, etc.

5 Best Sub-Zero Sleeping Bags

  1. Teton Sports Celsius: Top Choice

  2. Coleman North Rim: Most Spacious

  3. Browning Camping McKinley: Best Insulation

  4. Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag: Budget Pick

  5. Kelty Cosmic 0 Synthetic: Most Sturdy

1. Teton Sports Celsius: Top Choice

Teton is one of the best companies manufacturing sleeping bags. The Sports Celsius sleeping bag is an addition to Teton’s trusted sleeping bag range.

This model has polyester fabric with a mummy-style half-circle hood to protect your pillow. Additionally, it has several hang loops to make storage easy.

Moreover, this sleeping bag has two layers with draft tubes that assist with insulation. Along with providing extra warmth, Sports Celsius also saves you the trouble of rolling your sleeping bags.

This Teton product has unique straps that you can tighten to easily compress your sleeping bag. While some users find the fiber filling of Sports Celsius heavy and bulky, others think they make it softer. Customers also find the hang loops to be efficient and helpful for storing.

Visit this link for further information about the product.


  • Hang loops for easy storage
  • Mummy-style top for cleaner pillows
  • Comfortable inner lining
  • High-quality make with soft insides


  • Bulky and heavy bag structure

2. Coleman North Rim: Most Spacious

The Coleman North Rim is the best sleeping bag for people with a large build. It is the most spacious product on our list, with the ability to facilitate those as tall as 6’2”.

Furthermore, it has a comfortable mummy shape with an insulating foot box. The latter ensures to keep you warm and comfortable even at freezing temperatures. North Rim also has a hood that tightens with drawstrings to seal the heat inside for more warmth.

Lastly, its intricate construction and Thermolock draft tube also contribute to the product’s heat retention capabilities. Its special ZipPlow feature prevents bunching up and snagging up while zipping.

Most users are content with the quality of Coleman’s North Rim sleeping bag. However, some consumers have a few complaints regarding the product’s zippers. According to users, the lower zipper uses “cheap metal” and tends to stick.

Visit this link for further information about the product.


  • Insulated foot box
  • Large and spacious
  • Drawstrings for easy closure
  • Zippers at top and bottom for better ventilation


  • Lower zipper lacks smoothness
  • Quite heavy
  • Does not fit in its stuff sack sometimes

3. Browning Camping McKinley: Best Insulation

The Browning Camping McKinley sleeping bag promises warmth with its high-quality make. The product’s polyester filling and outer nylon lining are great for trapping air and facilitating insulation.

Moreover, the nylon shell consists of a unique diamond ripstop fabric that makes this sleeping bag durable. The item’s two-layer construction is efficient when it comes to preventing cold spots.

User reviews provide positive feedback about the sleeping bag’s insulation and longevity. However, most customers find the item difficult to manage due to its heavy nature.

The product’s weight makes it difficult to carry around or even put back in its bag. Some users have also complained about the sleeping bag’s zipper getting stuck.

Visit this link for further information about the product. 


  • High-quality make
  • Double layers that efficiently trap heat
  • An outer shell with ripstop fabric for durability
  • Refund and exchange within 30 days of purchase


  • Very heavy
  • Not suitable for backpacking
  • Difficult to put back in the sack

4. Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag: Budget Pick

The Bessport Mummy sleeping bag is best for customers with a low budget. The Bessport sleeping bag is highly affordable and reliable. Moreover, it weighs only 3.6lbs.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it the best sleeping bag for backpacking. Additionally, the sleeping bag has a synthetic fiber filling with a polyester outer shell.

This outer shell is not only made of ripstop fabric but is also water repellent. It means that you do not need to worry about constantly protecting the product from getting wet.

Lastly, Bessport is the complete package with its efficient customer service. The company promises to address any concerns or queries its users may have within 24 hours.

User reviews suggest that the Bessport sleeping bag is not warm enough to sustain oneself in sub-zero environments solely.

However, it lives up to its money’s worth with its longevity. Moreover, you can use thermal clothing along with a sleeping bag for extreme temperatures.

Visit this link for further information about the product. 


  • Affordable
  • Durable and water repellent outer shell
  • Supportive and efficient customer support
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Needs to be paired with thermal clothing during freezing temperatures
  • Material is a little thin

5. Kelty Cosmic 0 Synthetic: Most Sturdy

This Kelty Cosmic sleeping bag is one of the most affordable and reliable products on our list. While the product is lightweight and minimalist, it contains a loft that offers full coverage with zero cold spots.

Moreover, its premium synthetic fill packability and lightweight make it very easy to compress and store. Moreover, the product is very durable with high tolerance against wear and tear.

Despite its lack of popularity, several users consider Kelty Cosmic the best sleeping bag in terms of functionality. 

Customers express that the sleeping bag kept them warm through the night with a couple of layers of clothing. Thus, the insulating qualities of the product are highly effective for its cost.

Visit this link for further information about the product.


  • Lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to store with premium packability


  • Not very warm

Factors to Look for Before Buying a Sleeping Bag

Before purchasing any sleeping bags, you should conduct thorough research to pick a model. Here are some factors and tips you should keep in mind while searching for the best sleeping bag.

Product Features (Shape, Size, Fit, etc.)

The first thing that you see about a product is what benefits it has to offer you. Before browsing for one, you should have a general idea about the type of sleeping bag you want.

For example, you can determine what shape of a sleeping bag is best for you. Similarly, the size and fit of sleeping bags are also essential features to consider.

The reason is that these features determine how comfortable a sleeping bag is. You should also keep an eye out for additional perks like two-way zippers. Aspects like these can often enhance the ease of use of the product.



Buying goods from reputable and trustworthy brands is vital. Several frauds in the market may cheat you for your money. Moreover, some brands falsely advertise their product by exaggerating their benefits.

All of this could not only be a waste of your money but also your time. Hence, before selecting a sleeping bag, you should conduct thorough research regarding its makers.

Some critical factors that determine a brand’s reputation are its experience, production cost, transparency, etc.

Product Quality

A sleeping bag is a long-term investment, and its comfort level and ease of use should be one of your primary concerns. Most sleeping bags are made using polyester and nylon.

You should look at options that use high-quality fabrics that increase your product’s longevity. Some signs of good quality fabric are sustenance through wear and tear, water resistance, etc.

Product Weight

Cold-weather sleeping bags are generally heavier than regular ones. This bulkiness is because they use special filling and layers that accommodate insulation.

However, some sub-zero sleeping bags turn out to be so heavy that they are impossible to manage. You could have trouble storing and carrying them around.

So, if you plan on backpacking or trekking, it would be advisable to opt for lightweight sleeping bags.



Another one of the top user concerns is the price of a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag you purchase must fit your budget. However, this does not mean you should settle for lower product quality.

Several brands in the market make affordable and reliable sleeping bags. Hence, you should determine your product requirements and then set a budget accordingly. 

Customer Feedback

Companies are rarely transparent about their product’s defects. In such cases, you can trust reviews from the other product users for some honest feedback.

So, before purchasing any product, you must scroll through its user reviews to fully get an idea of what you are purchasing. 

Guarantees and Returns

It is difficult to determine the quality of a product during online shopping. You cannot get an idea of a sleeping bag’s full functionality just by looking at images and reading about it.

Hence, you can only determine whether a sleeping bag is a correct choice after using it.

For this purpose, companies often offer month-long trial runs. If you are dissatisfied with a product within the first month of purchasing it, you can return it for a full refund of your money.

Thus, looking for products with such offers and guarantees is crucial. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sleeping Bags

  1. Why is it hot inside a sleeping bag?


Winter sleeping bags are popular for their insulating abilities. The build of a sleeping bag leaves plenty of space in-between the fabric. Further, this design allows the product to trap air.

This quality helps a sleeping bag keep you warm. Subsequently, if you store your sleeping bags in tight sacks, it may compress the loft. If this happens, the item will lose its insulating properties.

  1. How do I increase the warmth of my sleeping bag?

There are several ways to make your sleeping bags warmer. You can start by thoroughly washing the product. It can often happen that old sleeping bags can regain some of their insulating qualities after a good wash.

Secondly, add some extra features to the item for a little extra heat. For example, a thermal liner or hot bag could be helpful.

Lastly, if you do not wish to put in any extra effort modifying your sleeping bag, you can always wear thermal wear before bed. 

  1. What material are sleeping bags made out of?

Modern sleeping bags are primarily made out of polyester and nylon. However, some sleeping bags also use other synthetic fibers like taffeta and ripstop.

  1. How long do sleeping bags last?


Sleeping bags are not something one uses every day. Plus, it has a strong build with high-quality seams. So, a regular sleeping bag should easily last up to five years.

Although, if you take proper care of the item, you can prolong its lifespan to as long as a decade. 

The Best Sub-zero Sleeping Bag: A Recap

After looking at various sleeping bags from top brands, our team concludes that the best sleeping bag depends on your needs.

For example, if you go backpacking, then the light Kelty Cosmic and Bessport sleeping bags are your top choices. However, if you need heavy insulation for frigid weather, you must opt for heavier options.

The Teton Sports Celsius and Coleman North Rim are the best sleeping bags in such cases. Lastly, there are several factors that you should look into before you purchase a sleeping bag.

This includes factors like the brand, product quality, price, etc. Now, with the help of our product list and buying guide, you can easily select the best sleeping bag for you.

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