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Best Ideas On How To Wear Hiking Boots For Women

Are you looking for new ways to burn calories and have fun outside? Hiking is an adrenaline-filled activity you should try.

There are many stylish ways to wear your hiking boots and bring out that WOW factor! Irrespective of the time of the year.

Hacking the balance between having the right hiking clothing and looking fashionable can be challenging.

Fortunately, hiking boots are made so beautifully that you can blend them with any outfit. We'll share the list of ways you can adorn your hiking boots in this post.

But before that, let's look at types of hiking boots.

3 Types of Hiking Boots


When looking for hiking boots, most people will have one image in their heads. The stereotypical hiking boot is designed with a thicker leather exterior and a comfortable interior to keep your feet secure and warm.

The prominent ridges at the sole will keep you steady on uneven terrain. However, this doesn't capture the wide range of various types of hiking boots you can get.

There are various ways that this design varies, based on the show you buy. Some features can be quite explicit and listed in the description or name, while there are some features you must look out for yourself.

Any seasoned hiker can attest that knowing the various types of hiking boots is essential for anyone planning to go to the woods or mountains for a hike.

Knowing each feature will assist you in getting the right boot that offers you the right form of support.

Let's look at the most common types of hiking boots:

1. Lightweight Hiking Boots

Two styles tend to capture many prime differences between different types of hiking shoes. This is the weight of a shoe and the level of sturdiness.

For example, a lightweight boot/show tends to have more breathable material than a reinforced boot. It has made lightweight hiking boots popular. However, it might offer poor protection.

This hiking shoe is best suited for fast speed on less-intensive terrains. This means you won't have the protection that a reinforced or traditional hiking boot offers.

Nevertheless, lightweight hiking boots are perfect for casual hikers.

2. Midweight Hiking Boots


Most hikers choose this type of hiking boots because they are stiffer and offer enough support, especially if you are hiking with heavy luggage.

Their solid base might be stiffer than the lightweights, but you will not feel the excessive weight on your feet. Instead, they are more stable.

Midweight hiking boots cost more than lightweight boots because they are made using better quality materials.

These positive features are why many hikers and backpackers will choose midweight hiking boots for their daily hikes.

3. Heavyweight Hiking Boots

Heavyweight hiking boots are built to last, but most lack flexibility.

They are made with sturdy materials like Gore-Tex and full leather, making them suitable for all terrains and weather conditions.

Additionally, these boots do not wear or tear easily. Heavyweight hiking boots are best for hikers who love technical terrains and heavy packs.

How To Choose Your Hiking Boots

Unlike everyday dress footwear, finding suitable hiking shoes that won't cause bruises to your feet needs extra homework.

You'll need to make sure they fit your hiking goals, offer perfect ankle and foot support, have ideal material, and fit comfortably irrespective of the condition.

Every individual has a different feel, and it's not about the foot arch or size. Chances are, what will fit another person's feet might cause sores on yours.

Therefore, before hitting the trails, begin using this guide to find the best boots.

Choose the Type that Fits Your Hiking Goals


All hiking goals are different, and to make sure your feet are comfortable, you need to pay attention to how you intend to use the boots.

Suppose you want to hike for a couple of hours with a lighter or no backpack.

In that case, you will need a different design of hiking boots compared to an individual planning to embark on a serious hike, carrying a heavy backpack and covering many miles.

You'll determine if you want light hiking footwear with lower cuts, mountaineering shoes with mid-cuts, or heavy hiking shoes with high cuts.

Lightweight Hiking Boots with Low Cut

These hiking boots are similar to typical running shoes. They hit around the ankles, feature flexible soles, and are light. Since they are low cut, they don't provide ankle protection.

Light hiking boots with low cuts are the best fit if you are going for a hike that isn't overly involved.

Day Hiking Shoes with Mid-Cut

These offer sustainable ankle protection since they go slightly above the ankle area.

They are designed to be rugged (so you can cover many miles while carrying heavy loads).

Therefore, if you are into a great summer hiking experience and have a heavy backpack, get the day hiking boots with a mid-cut.

Backpacking Boots with High Cut

These boots are designed for hikers planning intensive hiking while having heavy loads on their backs for the backpacking trip.

The boots feature high cut and durable exterior material. Thus, they offer excellent ankle protection and stability, even on the sternest terrain.

Choose the Perfect Material


When looking for the right hiking shoes, the material utilized is something you shouldn't ignore.

This determines whether you will enjoy your hiking experience with happy feet or distress, blisters, and fire inside the shoes.

When selecting hiking shoes, pay attention to the material and pick what suits your hiking goals, weather, environment, and other important conditions.

Here are the common materials to consider when learning to choose the best hiking shoes:

Split-Grain Leather or Suede

The split-grain suede/leather builds of hiking shoes often come with a hybrid of synthetic and leather, making them more breathable than the full-grain suede. However, durability and water resistance are low.

Full-Grain Leather

You need mountaineering hiking boots if you plan to hike on challenging terrains and with heavy backpacking.

Most of these hiking boots are designed with full-grain leather, making them durable and water-resistant. Nevertheless, the breathability can be on the lower end.


Hiking boots with synthetic materials are easier to break in, lighter, more breathable, and flexible. While they aren't water-resistant, they can dry fast when wet.

How To Wear Hiking Boots With Jeans

Hiking boots make excellent winter shoes, and they make for great casual wear. But they’re often ill-suited for jeans.

Here are our best tips for wearing hiking boots with jeans:

Blend a Black Cargo Jacket, Denim Shirt, and Skinny Black Jeans

Wear a denim shirt and finish the look with a cargo jacket on top for a chic look. Wear black skinny jeans and brown hiking boots.

You can refresh your simple outfit by adding a knit scarf.

Dark Gray Boots with Skinny Jeans and A Black Top

If you want to achieve an all-black look, you can put on a pair of skinny jeans and a black sweater.

Complete the look with dark gray boots and a gray hat.

Wear Skinny Green Jeans with A Black Bomber Jacket


(Image credit: howtowearfashion)

Do you love that casual street look? Then you can wear a black bomber jacket over a slight baggie top and complete the look with skinny green skinny jeans and brown hiking boots.

Wear Rugged Skinny Jeans and A White T-Shirt

Hiking boots always gave that unique rough feel inside them. How about you create a rough outfit out of them?

In this case, put on a white T-shirt and heavy-washed rugged black skinny jeans. Complete the look with brown hiking boots. This hiking clothing will make you look rugged yet stylish.

Put on A Windbreaker and Leggings


(Image credit: Pinterest)

A windbreaker has become an important part of the casual fashion trend these days.

For a sporty and casual look, you can wear a black windbreaker and black leggings. Complete the look with brown hiking boots.

To make them more eye-catching, tie a red and black plaid shirt around the waist. Don't forget your black sunglasses to make them look chic.

A Cream (Knit) Sweater, Wool Coat (Beige), and Dark Gray Jeans


(Image credit: Pinterest)

Put on a cream or off-white knit sweater and beat the cold with a natural wool-color coat.

Pair the look with dark gray pants and black hiking boots. The hiking outfit looks stunning…AKA, not as boring and serious as most typical work outfits.

Wear Black Jeans with A Military Jacket


Here is an excellent suggestion on the kind of jacket to adorn with style hiking boots.

You can put on a military jacket and skinny panty for that practical and casual hiking look. Complete the look with a red knitted hat.

How To Wear Hiking Boots With Skirts

Hiking boots are often seen as an exclusively outdoor wear item, but a lot of women wear them every day. They're a popular choice of everyday wear.

However, that doesn’t mean that hiking boots are appropriate for all occasions. This is especially true with skirts, which can be tricky to pair with hiking shoes.

But when you wear the right boots, you can not only wear skirts with hiking boots, but you can also enjoy hiking with skirts.

Here’s how to wear hiking boots with skirts:

Wear Brown Hiking Boots with Gray Knit Sweater and Floor Skirt


(Image credit: Jasmin Chew)

Maybe you want to wear your boots with an elegant and feminine look. For instance, you might want to take photos in an outdoor setting.

You'll want to look gorgeous, but you think heels won't blend well with nature.

An excellent example of a beautiful hiking boots outfit, you can put on a gray sweater and pair it with a floral mini-skirt.

Complete the look with brown boots and stockings. Wear a felt hat to bring that final feminine touch to the hiking outfit.

A Leather Cargo Mini-Skirt with Chunky Hiking Boots


(Image credit: Pinterest)

Do you want to create that casual style that will have everything talked about?

Wear a black knit sweater with a leather cargo mini skirt with a front zip closure. Complete the look with black leather hiking boots and tights.

Pink Maxi Skirt with A Black Leather Jacket and Black Boots

A pleated maxi skirt is a perfect option if you want to present fabulous dating attire or a chic update to your birthday or party look.

A pleated skirt is a suitable choice for any event as it is a deal for any body shape. It looks beautiful with black hiking boots, and you'll create a harmonious combination.

Cargo Belted Jacket, a Mini Skirt, and All Laced up Tall Hiking Boots

Try this modern grunge monochrome outfit:

●      Wear a white cargo belted jacket and a black TEE with a mini-skirt and tights.

●      Complete the look with all black, laced-up tall hiking boots.

How To Wear Hiking Boots With Shorts

Hiking boots look cute with almost anything, but the trick is figuring out how to wear them.

Put on a pair of shorts, and your boots look awkward. On their own, shorts can make a boot look too feminine, but with the right top, you can look cute.

Find the right pair of shorts (read below, hint-hint) and you’ll be set.

Wear a Hooded Vest and Hiking Shorts

Since this article is all about hiking shoes, wrapping this guide without talking about the actual typical hiking attire just wouldn't feel right!

Wear a long-sleeved tee with a hooded vest. Put on white hiking shorts and brown boots and complete the look with thick crew socks. This is a stunning hiking outfit.

Dark Gray Sweater with Denim Shorts


Whether you want to settle down at your backyard barbecue or go hiking, this beautiful outfit is the best way to display your hiking boots.

Pair your dark gray sweater with some denim shorts, and add a bright-colored cardigan or scarf to bring more pop to the outfit.

Wear Green Shorts Long a Sleeve Top

Hiking in hot months can be challenging. However, with a beautiful outfit, everything will be bliss even in warm weather!

Wear green shorts and a lighter weight, long sleeve top to stay cool. You can add a hoodie or sweatshirt around your waist for a more stylish look.

Top off the outfit with a rucksack to carry your accessories. You can also add a brown baseball cap to complete the outfit.

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FAQ: Outfits With Hiking Books

Hiking boots for women are all about comfort, versatility, and function. You want them to be stylish enough to wear to dinner, yet durable enough to wear on the trail.

This guide on “How to wear hiking boots for women” covered a lot…but not everything!

Here are questions we get asked most about outfits with hiking boots:

Can I Wear Hiking Boots Every Day?

You can wear hiking boots for everyday use as they have good ankle support and traction.

Others come with great features which let you walk on any surface, such as tile, carpet, concrete, and asphalt.

If you are searching for durable and comfortable hiking boots, use the guide we offered in this post.

Are Hiking Boots Bad For Your Feet?

Hiking boots aren't bad for your feet, provided you wear the right fitting pair. The primary reason why hiking boots are designed is to safeguard the feet and ankle while you go on an outdoor hike. You'll know exactly how hiking boots should fit in the next answer.

How Should Women's Hiking Boots Fit?

You should be able to fit one finger between your heel and the back of your boot. That is how you know your hiking boots are the right fit.

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