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Top 10 Best Walking Sandals for Travel Review

Most people will find walking enjoyable with suitable terrain since it’s one way to keep fit. Moreover, summer and spring travels are excellent, with a warm environment and lush scenery. The best walking sandals are flexible and comfy hence a good choice for people who need to feel relaxed and at ease.

In addition, you should choose the appropriate size which fits you correctly. Depending on what you like, you can select either a closed-toe design or an open-toe design.

With an open-toe design, you will have free airflow around your feet, keeping them safe from sweat.

Open design is a suitable option when strolling around water places. Nevertheless, the closed design is suitable for walking or hiking on uneven terrain.

Depending on your choice, there are sandals suitable to wear when walking indoors or outdoors.

Walking sandals are light to make you as comfortable as possible when walking, unlike other shoes.

Moreover, walking sandals are utility wear. Thus, one can pack them easily. The sandals are available in different brands, designs, and quality, making the selection difficult.

When choosing the best walking sandals, go for those with high-quality cushioning and support.

This helps in preventing soreness and fatigue. Besides, a secure fitting is also significant, so your feet won’t slide out as you walk.

Nevertheless, those made with high-quality materials, including leather, and that come with good traction are durable.

We did extensive research on several walking sandals. We checked the material, its price, airflow, comfort, etc. With this guide, be sure that you will add quality pairs of walking sandals to your shoe rack.

Top 10 Best Walking Sandals for Travel

  1. Megnya Walking Sandals: Best for a Vacation
  2. Skechers 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandal: Comes with Adjustable Straps
  3. Women’s Cushionaire Luna Cork Footbed Sandal: Most Flexible
  4. Skechers Men’s Louden Sandal: Features Shock-Absorbing Midsole
  5. GUBARUN Men’s Sandals: Best Arch Support
  6. KIIU Men’s Thong Sandals: Best Water Friendly
  7. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal: Best with Closed Toes
  8. Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal: Best with Shock-Absorbing Cushioning
  9. Viakix Siena Walking Sandals: Best for Luxurious Comfort
  10. TEVA Men’s Hurricane Xlt2 Sandals: Best Lightweight

1. Megnya Walking Sandals: Best for a Vacation

Megnya’s women walking sandals are comfortable and come with arch support. They are available in gray-white, black, turquoise, taupe, white, purple-blue, and other colors (25 colors).

The upper part of this sandal is hand-woven with nylon string. Moreover, the sole is of high-quality synthetic material.

The handcrafting of this distinct pairs it with utmost attention and care. The straps of these sandals are adjustable to have a comfy foot position.

Proper fitting will keep the sandals with your feet anywhere you move.

These sandals come with a cushioned sole that supports your arch support. Thus, your feet will be comfortable even with long hikes and walks. Besides, your feet won’t have sore or tired.

The sandals are also water-resistant. Thus, you can wear it on sandy beaches or when involved in any water activity, including kayaking, fishing, sailing, and canoeing.

In addition, the sandals are perfect for beach vacations. These women’s sandals are available in sizes ranging from sizes 6 to 11.

The sandals have a rating of 4.1 with over 14,728 reviews. With this, you will have assurance that you will get quality and durable shoes.

From the reviews, customers say that the shoes are shockingly comfortable with a thick foam which offers more support during long walks.

The sandals are light; hence one can comfortably walk with them for long hours without fatigue.

With a super comfy EVA padded midsole, the feet will be walking on a cushion of air. Above all, these sandals are a great gift for teenage girls and women.


  • Soft and flexible sole
  • Great arch support
  • Has EVE cushioned midsole
  • Comes with a high-quality rubber soles
  • Water-resistant
  • Has adjustable straps which are skin-friendly
  • Features anti-slip design
  • Stylish and attractive
  • Skidproof outsole
  • Offers perfect fit
  • Best for women of all ages
  • Available in several colors
  • Many positive customer reviews
  • Lightweight design
  • Features deep heel cupping for stabilizing the feet


  • Straps cover your attractive toes

2. Skechers 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandal: Comes With Adjustable Straps

Skechers 600-Brilliancy is a budget-friendly sports sandal. Moreover, this shoe features excellent comfort and fitting.

In addition, the shoe has a memory foam midsole that helps prevent foot fatigue. It also helps absorb an impact while giving a decent bounce-back to sustain your walk.

For best stability and support, these shoe straps are adjustable and padded to retain your feet inside the sandal minus any irritation or rubbing.

The Velcro strap closure type is strong, making it simple to put on and remove the shoe.

This shoe is available in different colors, including black, navy, taupe, charcoal, and others. In addition, it’s also available in different sizes to suit various feet.

The size ranges from size 5 to 12 wide. With this, you will find the style and size which is appropriate for you.

The shoe comes with a breathable and textured footbed. This allows one to have good airflow and flexible composition. Moreover, you will also have a natural gait as you stroll.

Its lightweight design allows you to comfortably walk in it, even for longer distances. Its platform measures about 0.75”.

With these sandals, you can spend sunny-weather days comfortably and in style.

This sporty sandal features a soft heathered material top, 5-generation cushioning midsole, and a comfortable contoured Goga Mat footbed.

The shoe has achieved a rating of 4.6 after having 18,647 reviews. Therefore, you will be sure of getting a high-quality and durable shoe.

Several customers are happy because of its comfort and affordability. With these sandals, you don’t have to worry about getting wet since it’s water-resistant. Moreover, its open design will offer free airflow to your feet.


  • Comfortable design
  • Comes with cushioned straps
  • Sporty style
  • Has a synthetic durable sole
  • Lightweight design
  • Flexible straps for a comfortable fit
  • Responsive 5-generation cushioning


  • Toe straps aren’t adjustable
  • Runs large

This is one of the best-selling women’s sandals in the market. This shoe comes in several color options. These include brown, black, gold, white, stone, taupe, silver, leopard, and others.

In addition, it’s also available in different sizes, which range from 6 to 12 wide. The platform of this shoe measures about 1.5 inches wide and 1.25 inches long.

This sandal top is of premium vegan leather material with a soft lining. Thus, the sandals are soft and comfortable with no irritation or rubbing that will occur on your feet.

The shoe features two adjustable straps to offer a comfortable fitting. With a secure fit, you will be sure of walking with these sandals without them coming off.

Its inner sole is genuine suede, creating a perfect shape for the foot-worn. Moreover, the outsole is of premium traction design EVA material hence durable.

The cork footbed makes this sandal very flexible. Furthermore, this sandal is suitable for people who have Plantar Fasciitis.

This shoe has a rating of 4.5 stars after over 52 500 reviews. This shows that more customers trust the shoe, and they are happy with how comfortable it is.

More other customers are glad the sandals are affordable. Since they are open design, your feet will have fresh and excellent airflow, allowing you to comfortably walk for a longer distance.


  • Highly flexible with a cork footbed
  • Has EVA outsole offering premium traction
  • Features an adjustable straps and soft lining for a comfy fit
  • Comes with a pure genuine suede insole
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Affordable


  • Some toe straps may be uneven
  • Tend to run small

4. Skechers Men’s Louden Sandal: Features Shock-Absorbing Midsole

Skechers Louden is a men’s sandal made with synthetic upper and has tonal stitching. The upper part is smooth and durable.

This sandal has a heel that measures about 1.75 inches. Moreover, this sandal is available in different colors, including brown, black, desert, and brown-black.

In addition, the sandal sizes range from size 7 to 16. The shoe features a memory foam footbed together with a 360 comfort-cushioned lining.

The air-cooled memory foam offers pressure relief, airflow, and immediate comfort.

It comprises a moisture-wicking insole, gel-infused high rebound memory foam, and a molded dual-lite base material.

With these sandals, you can walk the whole day without foot fatigue or rubbing. In addition, the footbed contours to your foot shape. Perforated dual-lite footbed improves airflow hence no sweating.

Besides, this is an open design; thus, your feet will get airflow. This sandal weighs approximately 9 oz. hence lightweight. Its platform measures approximately 1.25 inches.

Nevertheless, the material used in making this sandal is 100% man-made, including the rubber sole and the Velcro closures.

You can use this sandal when fishing, at the beach, hiking, etc., without worrying that it will get wet since it dries out fast and still works fine.

Adjustable straps at the toe, heel, and instep allow you to have a customized, comfortable fit.

The textured outsole keeps you stable on uneven terrain and wet conditions. With proper and comfortable fitting, these sandals will remain with your feet anywhere you move.

Presently the shoe has a rating of 4.5 after over 7440 reviews. Over 90% of these reviews are positive. Most customers are happy with its comfort.


  • Available in different sizes and color
  • Features hook-and-loop strap for snug fitting
  • Has a padded memory foam insole which offers extra comfort
  • Fitted with textured synthetic outsole
  • The sole grip is suitable for use on all surfaces
  • The rubber outsole is flexible
  • Comes with a shock-absorbing midsole
  • Has a soft textile lining
  • Features perforated dual-lite
  • Has a moisture-wicking insole
  • Offers arch support
  • Lightweight design
  • Sporty style and cute


  • Issues with durability

5. GUBARUN Men’s Sandals: Best Arch Support

If you ever need a sandal with a thick cushioned sole, GUBARUN Men’s Sandals are here. They will help in keeping your feet comfortable even when having a long walk.

Moreover, the outsole is made from synthetic rubber and is skid-resistant. Therefore, you will comfortably walk to any surface.

These men’s sandals are available in different sizes, which range from sizes 7.5 to 16.

In addition, you will have nineteen different colors to choose from, including brown, black, khaki, gray, navy, white, beige, etc.

These outdoor sports sandals are fashionable and are helpful in summer. They are best for wearing when hiking, walking on beaches, or even when on boating trips hence perfect for various occasions.

They have a heel that measures 1.5cm. Nevertheless, these sandals have fantastic arch support.

A thick rugged footbed and cushioned sole offer excellent traction allowing you to handle long walks.

Its midsole is of TPR material. This ensures your feet feel comfortable.

The brand started in 2001. Thus, they have been committed to footwear technology, shoe culture, and R&D in shoe crafts for over twenty years.

For customer satisfaction, they make every shoe with precision and styles to match every customer with a perfect pair.

The thong part of this sandal is soft, and its vamp dries quickly. The sandals are lightweight; thus, you can comfortably wear them the whole day.

In addition, most customers like the comfort the shoe offers, and it has an overall rating of 4.4 from a total of 26,469 reviews.


  • Offers fantastic arch support
  • Has non-slip sole
  • It’s comfortable and soft
  • Best for use on various occasions
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Has a thick heel, durable
  • Has higher rating


  • The straps may be bigger

6. KIIU Men’s Thong Sandals: Best Water Friendly

KIIU Men’s Thong Sandals come with rubber soles making them adaptive footwear. Thus, this sandal is suitable for indoor-outdoor activities since it is water friendly.

Some activities include hiking, boat riding, walking at the beach, or walking around the block. Its inbuilt athleticism and comfort help it to withstand any adventure.

With water protection and durability, you don’t have to worry since your feet will remain comfortable.

In addition, these sandals are made with the best quality material which won’t break easily.

The sole is from hard and waterproof rubber, and its straps are from a mixture of neoprene/poly for extreme comfort. Furthermore, its bottom is made of solid rubber tread and grips surfaces quickly.

These sandals come in different sizes to fit everyone, including older men and adolescent boys.

Furthermore, the sandals are simple to wear by sliding them without worrying about them coming loose or slipping off.

These lightweight sandals have a soft and robust insole. Your feet will feel like you are laying a foot on thin memory foam.

You can wear these sandals with socks comfortably. With these sandals, you will not feel any pain, fatigue, or irritation even after walking long distances since they offer sufficient arch support.

Moreover, no vibrations are felt since the insole is well cushioned to absorb shock. The soles are wide to accommodate wide feet. This sandal has an open design; hence your feet will stay cool.

Besides, the sandals are lightweight; hence one can comfortably walk with them the whole day.

In addition, the sole has grips that suit mixed terrain and make the shoe suitable for use in sunny or rainy conditions.


  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • It has a durable rubber sole
  • Water-friendly
  • Comes with a shock-absorbing insole
  • Offers arch support
  • Has non-slip bottom
  • Suitable for use on several indoor and outdoor occasions
  • It has a synthetic nubuck upper strap


  • The size may not be actual

7. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal: Best With Closed Toes

KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal are lightweight and have a comfortable design for whole day use.

Furthermore, these walking sandals are made of washable polyester; hence easy to make them clean. In addition, the footbed of these sandals is from EVA.

The footbed has a multi-direction lug pattern with razor siping that offers superior grip on wet or slippery terrain hence no sliding. Besides, this shoe comes in different colors and sizes to suit every man.

The available colors include black, black/purple, grey/magnet, gray, rust, raven/aluminum, and others. In addition, the sizes available range from size 7 to size 17.

This best-quality men’s sandal comes with a bungee lacing system for a safe fitting with ease ON and OFF. Moreover, they also have a TPU stability shank.

The sandal is free from PFC material, and its platform measures about 1.5”. The upper part of this sand is water-resistant fabric. In addition, the washable polyester and lining used dries faster.

This makes it suitable for use in outdoor and indoor walking. Nevertheless, the non-marking rubber outer soles leave no imprint as you walk indoors. Its iconic toe bumper gives extra safety to prevent being injured.

These sandals have a compression-molded EVA midsole to improve the cushioning for absorbing shock.

Moreover, the shoe has attained a higher rating of 4.6 after over 14,300 reviews.

The brand makes its products using a natural and chemical-free probiotic-based technology known as Eco Anti-Odor.

The odor helps in eliminating the odor found in sweat. Besides, the technology also helps prevent molds from building up, improving sandals’ lifespan.

The brand sources its leather from Leather Working Group-approved tanneries. Each sandal weighs about 14.2oz / 402.6g, thus lightweight.


  • Washable
  • Highly supportive
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Fully adjustable
  • Great for water
  • Offers protection to the toe
  • Secure fit
  • Comes bungee lacing together with cord locks


  • The sizes can be smaller

8. Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal: Best With Shock-Absorbing Cushioning

Teva Women’s Tirra is a lightweight and supportive sandal. This sandal gives high levels of durability and comfort. Moreover, it has a quick-dry webbing, making it do well in a wet environment.

The material used is recycled from plastics using a traceable and verifiable polyester yarn.

This footwear offers excellent surface traction and ground stability. In addition, the shoe has molded EVA midsole, which has arch cookie and heel cupping for extra support.

This women’s sandal has a hook-and-loop closure design. This closure design comes off and on quickly to offer you the right fit.

Nevertheless, this sandal is suitable for people that like walking, hiking, and every other person looking for great agility and mobility.

The shoe is fitted with a shock-absorbing unit in the heel zone plus smell resistant footbed. Its end-to-end thickness ensures that there will be good shock distribution.

The springy patch is from a mixture of EVA and polyurethane. The cushy component at the footbed heel cup is known as Shoc Pad.

The water-shedding tread design helps stop sliding on wet surfaces. Moreover, its multi-directional lugs offer grip from every direction. The rubber layer on the sole won’t stain surfaces since it doesn’t leave marks.

Besides, this shoe offers sufficient arch support with the help of its high arch zone.

This sandal has a nylon shank which helps improve the midfoot zone and the user’s balance. Thus, the sandal’s general stability, particularly during transitions, is improved.

The sandal’s straps utilize hook plus loop fasteners. They also have a pull tab stitched found at the heel’s back strap for an easy way of taking it on and off.

Nevertheless, this sandal has attained a rating of 4.6 after 13,022 reviews from genuine customers.


  • Excellent traction for all-weather condition
  • Best for multi-directional grip
  • Superb arch support
  • Features odor-resistant technology
  • Offers the best stability
  • Comes with a soft footbed
  • Has a shock-absorbing cushioning
  • Lightweight design
  • More lockdown options
  • Available in more color and size options
  • Suitable for use on more occasions
  • Has a quick-dry upper part
  • Made to last


  • Rigid straps
  • Edges of the straps are abrasive
  • The ankle strap is very high

9. Viakix Siena Walking Sandals: Best for Luxurious Comfort

Viakix Siena Walking Sandals are among the most comfortable footwear for walking in the market.

This sandal suits all your foot’s curves. In addition, the sandals have soft, stretchable straps. They will hold your feet safely and comfortably with a customized fit.

Moreover, its ergonomic outsole offers arch support for you to walk for long distances without fatigue, irritation, or blisters.

This brand uses stabilizer technology to make an ergonomically designed insole that offers contoured foot support.

These sandals have a cute design and look great on every woman. Moreover, they are available in different colors.

These include beige, brown, gray, black, white, etc. In addition, these sandals are also available in different sizes to fit various feet—the sizes available range from size 6 to size 11.

With this brand, you will always get quality outdoor and indoor sandals. These sandals are hand-made using the best materials and offer exceptional quality.

Moreover, these sandals have superior toes and heels to offer all-day comfort. These sandals are versatile, and they can accommodate various foot types.

The shoes are the best choice for women with wide feet and people requiring extra space for their feet.

Besides, the materials used are lightweight, making these sandals suitable for walking.

Furthermore, these walking sandals are resistant to water. Therefore, they will offer you longer-lasting support while walking at the beach, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and any other outdoor adventure.

This sandal has attained a rating of 4.4 after 5,500 reviews. The sandals have excellent traction, making the shoe suitable for use on any surface and in weather conditions.


  • Suitable for a wide variety of feet sizes
  • Exceptional quality
  • Superior foot support
  • Water-resistance upper part
  • Cozy and comfortable
  • Customized fit because of adjustable straps
  • It comes in different colors and sizes


  • Expensive
  • Not simple to slip on and off

TEVA Men’s Hurricane Xlt2 Sandals are excellent hiking footwear. Moreover, this sandal offers superb support with a customizable fit and a friendly traction outsole.

Moreover, the sandals offer excellent support at a reasonable price. It’s available in different colors and sizes to suit everyone’s taste and fitting.

The colors available include black, blue, multi-color, sesame, vista sunset, and others.

In addition, the sizes available range from 40.5 M EU. It’s made of pure synthetic material and a rubber sole, making it durable. 

Moreover, the sandals have a Velcro under every adjustable strap for a comfortable fitting.

These sandals are comfortable for even those flat-footed with repeated plantar fasciitis problems.

This sandal comes with a quick-drying webbing made from reused plastic, which helps in saving the environment.

The hook-and-loop closure of these sandals gets on and off faster and fits just right.

Moreover, the sandals also have injection-molded strap ends, which offer a quick and straightforward grip for comfort.

The nylon shank helps stabilize and support one’s foot on rough terrain. The rugged rubber outsole offers excellent traction on any surface, hence no worries about slips.

Since it has a quick-dry upper, it’s suitable for use in several outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, boat riding, etc. The sandals have an open design; your toes will have ample space.

The sandals are lightweight, and their sole is supportive and thick. Thus, you will comfortably walk for a longer distance without any fatigue.

The straps and the plastic strap connectors will not dig into your feet as you walk.

In addition, the straps are well-cushioned, minus adding any weight to the shoe. This sandal has gained a rating of 4.7 after 5,552 reviews.


  • More comfortable with EVA-foam midsole
  • A water-friendly walking sandal
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with an admirable upper design
  • Offers a fantastic arch support
  • Has grippy outsole
  • Comes in different colors and sizes
  • Budget-friendly
  • Features an easy hook-and-loop closure
  • The rugged rubber outsole offers excellent traction
  • Supportive footbed


  • Runs large

Best Walking Sandals Buying Guide


Performance and cost are essential factors when finding the best way to acquire walking sandals. More brands are in the walking sandals market.

Thus, you will have more options for performance and quality. However, the most expensive walking sandals don’t always signify quality.

There are several low-cost models which offer the best performance and comfort.


The world is full of great walking sandals, making it hard to choose. One can decide which walking shoes to choose from by checking their design.

The color scheme, the material used, and the visual weighing contribute to the general design. With this, you can get the exact product that suits your preference.



No one likes being constrained or uncomfortable as they do the activity they love. When deciding which walking shoes to buy, consider their comfort. Different kinds of walking sandals offer stability, comfort, and control.

All the walking sandals on our list are comfortable with soft cushioning soles and adjustable straps.

Improved cushioning also protects your feet from shock and offers stability as you walk.


Before deciding which walking shoe to buy, ensure that the product fulfills all your requirements.

Specifications define the product’s capabilities. Thus, with several options available, buying the right product is essential. 

When choosing the best walking sandals to fit your demands, some specifications to look out for include performance, affordability, and features.

Considering all these will assure you of getting quality walking sandals.



Other walking sandals will expose your feet more than others. Moreover, the protection you require depends on the activities you plan to be involved with.

If you plan to wear your sandals to run errands and other casual wear, you can go with an open-toe design.

Moreover, if planning to hike or walk on unpaved trails, you should consider buying enclosed toe sandals since they will offer you more protection.


Several walking sandals are water-friendly on the market. Moreover, sandals are suitable if you’re not sure about the terrain or if you are planning to walk in wet regions.

In addition, when buying, consider those sandals with antibacterial protection. This helps in preventing them from being smelly.


Another thing to consider is if the sandal offers sufficient underfoot support. Walking sandals that have arch support are more standard though support level differs.

In addition, flat-footed people need foot support, and others may not need firm support.

Comfortable Fit

The more adjustable the walking sandals will be, the more you will have a comfortable fit.

Moreover, as you walk, your feet should remain in place. The straps should not rub your feet, and they shouldn’t be too tight.



Most of the walking sandals have uppers from synthetic or leather materials. In addition, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Synthetic materials are best for use in wet conditions since they dry quickly.

Moreover, they will not rub your feet when wet. In addition, leather material offers a more comfortable grip.

Besides, it’s naturally breathable. More leather walking sandals come with synthetic lining, which helps in making the sandals more water-resistant.

However, they aren’t more effective for damper conditions than sandals with synthetic uppers.


The weight of the walking sandals will determine how comfortable you will be as you take a walk. With lightweight sandals, your feet will not feel fatigued or have blisters.

Moreover, the more support and cushion walking footwear has, the heavier it is.

Therefore, you should find a good balance to be as comfortable as possible with as little weight as possible while walking.


The best sandal sole should be comfortable, flexible, and durable. Long walks need flexible and durable soles.

Sole made from rubber is the best because it is flexible and durable. In addition, rubber soles can withstand heavy use minus wearing down.

Waterproof soles will block water from seeping into your feet. Above all, the best sole should offer the best grip to prevent falling.

Walking sandals with thick thread offer a firmer grip on the ground.

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Is strolling in sandals good?


Walking in sandals that are not supportive leads to having sore feet, arch pain, or heel pain.

In addition, there is more possibility of twisting your ankle as you walk for long distances in sandals with no support straps.

Nevertheless, if the foot continuously moves around the sandals, you are more likely to have friction blisters.

Open-toe sandals also raise the probability of getting an injury.

What should one wear for walking exercise?

Walking is a low-maintenance kind of exercise. Thus, you don’t require special attire or gear to start.

In addition, the most significant thing is getting a pair of supportive and comfortable walking sandals. The walking sandals featured in our review are comfortable and durable.

Furthermore, for extra comfort, you are free to wear clothes of breathable fabrics and moisture-wicking.

Moreover, do not wear socks or clothes made from cotton since they don’t dry quickly.

You can wear synthetic socks when walking, as they help prevent foot blisters.

How can one stop their sandals from squeaking as they walk?


When sandals are new, they can make a suction sound or squeak since the air will be escaping from the layers inside the sole.

This is more common in sandals with foam cushioning that compresses you as you walk.

To prevent this noise, lubricate the insoles using a product like petroleum jelly or baby powder.

Also, the problem will stop with time when the foam remains compressed instead of bouncing back in place.

Suction noises or squeaking in sandals are also a result of having sweaty feet. More people don’t wear these sandals with socks.

Thus, foot sweat isn’t easily absorbed, making the extra moisture squeak as one walks.

Sprinkling some baby powder or talcum at the insole of the sandals prevents sweat build-up.

Furthermore, if the sandal’s bottoms squeak on slick surfaces, rub the sole using sandpaper.

Why are walking sandals suitable for summer hikes?

First walking sandals are suitable for summer walks since they are ventilated. Open-air sandals allow your feet to free airflow, preventing blisters and sweat.

Walking sandals are also lightweight and virtually take up no space in your suitcase, making them suitable for vacations.

There are more style varieties with walking sandals. Best walking sandals, which have rugged trail-ready designs and thick soles, are suitable for walking on all terrain.

Moreover, they should also have closed-toe caps plus a thick strap to offer support. The sandals are available in different finishes seen as fashion faux-pas, making them trendy.

You can style your sandals with a pair of casual cargo pants or a dress if not hiking. Walking sandals are multi-functional. Thus, you can wear them in streams, paved paths, or trails.

Are leather walking sandals comfortable?

Yes, they are very comfortable. Other materials that can blister or chafe the feet, leather sandals are very comfortable. They won’t harm your feet’s sensitive skin, particularly behind the ankle.

How long should one expect leather sandals to last?


How long the sandals last depends on how hard you are on them, how you take care, or where you wear them.

Average care, wear, and repair of leather sandals make them last for about five to ten years.

Are sliders best for walking?

Sliders are also suitable for walking since they are comfortable. In addition, their slip-on design makes them more convenient for an On/Off sliding.

This makes them suitable for travelers and wearing while at home since they can also be used as house slippers.


Walking is one of the ways of keeping your body fit. However, it would be best if you had the proper attire to enjoy the walk.

Walking sandals are made as comfortable as possible to protect your feet from blisters or fatigue.

Best walking sandals have straps that are adjustable to offer a comfortable fitting. Moreover, they should have proper cushioning and offer arch support.

Best walking sandals should also be lightweight and have a flexible, durable sole.

Besides, the sole should have an excellent thick thread that offers a firmer grip on any surface.

The sandals on our list have a water-friendly top which makes them suitable for outdoor activities like boat riding, fishing, walking at the beach, hiking, etc.

With either of the best walking sandals in our review, you will enjoy your walk without fatigue or blisters on your feet.

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